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Claiming eye tests and glasses on your business

By Julie Keen. Posted On 20 Feb 2018. Last Updated 20 Feb 2018.

As a business owner or freelancer, knowing what you can and cannot claim for on your tax return can be confusing. Especially if you use something for business and personal purposes like your mobile phone or office space in your home, if this is the case then seek expert advice by calling 01472 488020.

Claiming glasses as a business expense is pretty straightforward. If you wholly use the glasses for business purposes only, for example using a PC for long periods of time and at home, you don’t need to wear glasses, then yes, you would be able to claim for these glasses as an expense.

Can you claim an eye test?


Generally, it is fine to claim the cost of an eye test back on your expenses. Providing you need the eye test to support your duties at work. For example, if you use a PC for long periods of time. If you are unsure, let us help you, call us on 01472 488020.

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