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Are you a Victim of the Lorry Driver and Contractor Scam?

By Julie Keen. Posted On 13 Oct 2017. Last Updated 13 Oct 2017.

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Unfortunately, many contractors and lorry drivers in the Lincolnshire area alone, have been a victim of a scam that has been breaking the news this week. Many are still victims and haven’t even noticed yet.


·         Are you a contractor or lorry driver?

·         Have you been persuaded to set-up a limited company?

·         Have you been offered a discount VAT scheme?

·         Has your accountant been keeping your VAT?

·         Have you noticed strange charges on your accountancy bills or missing VAT payments?


If you have answered yes, then please continue to read as you might also have been a victim of a scam.

On Monday 9th October 2017, the television programme Inside Out Yorkshire and Lincolnshire covered a story about a lorry driver who had been scammed by accountancy practice ‘Think Accounting.’ Watch it here.

Hundreds if not thousands of contractors and lorry drivers are in the same situation and if you are one of them, or you have been unlucky enough to have dealt with Think Accounting, New Wave Accounting, Igloo Accounting or you just want peace of mind that you have not been a victim, we can help you.

One victim describes “Think Accounting” (as they were) charged a weekly/transaction fee of approximately £24 this was for the all-inclusive bookkeeping/accounting fee. In April 2013 they issued a letter of engagement this now mentioned two fees, the £24 fee was now described as a bookkeeping fee and there was an extra charge described as FRS% this was for accounting fees, which is totally ambiguous and unclear. In reality what this FRS% meant was that they kept your excess flat rate scheme vat which is roughly half of your vat generated on your invoices, but the weekly payslips made no mention of any vat. When you terminate their services they send you a statement and strangely enough, the amount of your companies vat which they have kept is then equal to the extra charges they charge you. This vat can total thousands of pounds depending on how long you have used their services. This is on top of the weekly/transaction fees they have charged you.”



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