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10 Marketing Tips for a New or Small Business

By Julie Keen. Posted On 4 Sep 2017. Last Updated 4 Sep 2017.

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10 Marketing Tips for a New or Small Business


Hit the media: Write a press release about your newly formed business or new business success. Remember to take an eye catching and relevant image to accompany your press release, then contact your local business press editor and send them a copy of your completed press release. Some people find it difficult to write about their own successes, if this is the same for you it might be worth looking into using a copywriter to help you.


Keep it local: If you’re a local business looking for local customers/clients, instead of sending introduction letters, get some postcards printed with a brief message or special offer on. People are more likely to read a short postcard than a long letter and this may even stay on their desk longer than a letter would.


Let’s get social: Remembering the 80-20 rule of social promotion, you need to ensure your content is engaging, fun, relative and not just about your business. You need to remember that your social media is 24/7 so if you don’t have the time to manage your social accounts it might be worth looking into getting these managed for you.


Update your website: Your website is your online shop window, be sure to keep it up to date and add/change things regular to keep your content fresh. If you have any special offers, add these to your home page and use other resources such as social media to drive traffic to your website. You could maybe add free downloadable documents or add your calendar so people can book a meeting with you.


Your business card: Your business card gives you an opportunity to promote your business/special offer and benefits. Your business card can say much more that your contact details. Add the benefits of working with you on the back, maybe add a promotion or special offer. Don’t cram you card full of content, just something short and sweet. Be sure to add your social media icons and Twitter handle.


Email marketing: Email marketing offers numerous avenues to explore. Sending monthly newsletters to your data is a great and cost effective way to stay in contact with your audience and acts as a gentle reminder of your products/services. Try and use your newsletter as a way of educating and informing your audience of things other than your products and services, maybe add in some local news, local events list, a quiz or a competition. Send birthday emails to your database with birthday discounts.



Referrals: Offer a referral incentive to current customers/clients, it doesn’t always have to be financial. You could offer meal vouchers of a medium to high end local restaurant in your area, you could offer a discount, free gift or free month of your services.


Network: Book on and attend your local networking events and meet other businesses. Everyone attends the events with the same goal in-mind, to meet new people and promote their businesses. Obviously don’t attend with the event with the mind-set of attending and selling on the first visit things like this take time and networking provides you with an opportunity to build relationships with other businesses. You may find that some of your customers need the products or services of the businesses you meet. In which case you can refer work to them and they will remember the referral and no doubt come back to you with a referral for you.


Become a host: Hosting an event is a great way to bring a group of potential customers together. If you’re a product based company you could have a new product launch and give time limited special offers to attendees. If you’re a service based business, you could host a free seminar type of event that offers the audience some valuable content but also promotes your business services to. For example, if you’re a business coach, you might hold a seminar about ways to grow your business. Only give away a few of your secrets, the key is to leave the attendees wanting more.


Let’s automate: With so many marketing areas to explore, it can fast become a challenge to keep up and remember everything. Automating some of the work is a great way for you to stay on top of everything, not miss anything and frees up your time so you can work on another marketing campaign. Of course you will need a process for this and no doubt some software but, you can find some reasonable products on the market now. If you have downloadable documents on your website, you could automate the process so as soon as something is downloaded, a thank you email is sent and after 3-4 days another email is sent to see how they got on with whatever they downloaded along with some useful information or a call to action such as call us for a free meeting or shop now. After a further week you may wish to give them a call to follow up and talk to them, obviously the call can’t be automated but the reminder in your task list can be when using marketing automation software.


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